About TC Esterhuysen Primary School

TC Esterhuysen Primary School is in Langlaagte, Johannesburg. It is on the South Side of Main Reef Road, virtually opposite Langlaagte Police Station. It is an old school, first established in 1917, and it is due to celebrate its 97th anniversary this year. However the school is a hot-spot for criminal activities (shooting, hijacking & break-ins).

Otherwise it is a well-managed school with a committed staff led by a highly competent School Management Team (SMT). The School Governing Body (SGB) has recently been elected, and is enthusiastic to do all they can to improve the quality of learning through appropriate resource materials available for learners.

The learner Profile, however, is highly disadvantaged. Many children travel to the school from Braam Fischerville, the RDP Housing complex in Dobsonville, Soweto, Riverlea, others walk from an informal settlement further North on Main Reef Road.

The school runs a feeding scheme, but is registered as a non-fee paying one. This means that the Principal and the School Governing Body (SGB) cannot charge school fees to augment the allowance from the Department.

The school has a working relationship with the community and local business houses.